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How To Send And Request Money Using Your Gmail App For Android

Google has integrated Google Wallet into its Gmail app for Android smartphones. As a result, the users can easily send or request money. A user simply needs to compose a mail and press the paper clip button to access the money transfer options. The sent money goes in the recipient’s Google Wallet and it can be transferred to the bank accounts without any additional fee. There exist tons of methods to transfer money to our friends and family. Ranging from vintage wire transfer to the newer methods like Apple Pay and PayPal, the users have tons of choices. Now, you have a new and unlikely way to send and request money — Gmail for Android.

Google brought this money sending facility to the Gmail on the web in 2013. Now, Google Wallet has been integrated into the Gmail for Android. As a result, the Android users will be able to transfer money with a single tap. It should be noted that you don’t even need to have Google Wallet installed on your device and the entire transaction takes place i…

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