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The World’s First “400 GB Micro SD Card” Launched By San-Disk

World First "400GB" SD Card
SanDisk new 400GB microSD card is what the internet is calling the world’s highest capacity storage for mobile devices. So, what can people do with that much of space?

The microSD card has enough space to deal with 40 hours of HD content. The 100MB/s transfer speed claimed by SanDisk their 400GB MicroSDXC UHS-I which permits you to transfer around 1200 photos/min. However, that’s the reading speed offered by the card.

The microSD card being class 10 limits its serial write speed to 10MB/s. which means you can’t consider capturing 4K videos, 1080p would be nice.

SD cards are criticised by smartphone manufacturers for their inefficiency and reliability over internal storage.

For their 400GB SanDisk extremist MicroSDXC UHS-I, the corporate is giving a 10-year restricted guarantee that is mostly the case of their SD cards. You'll be able to buy one for your smartphone if you don’t have any problems paying $250 for an oversized microSD card.

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